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Ph.D. Students and Graduates

Ph. D. alumni employment outside MU

MU alumni who graduated from Ph. D. programme and have no professional connection to MU at the time of questioning are addressed as participants of the survey. The aim is to find out what employment the alumni leaving MU get and how they assess their Ph. D. studies.

Survey results concern these topics:

  • current field of employment and position,
  • employment history and aspirations in the last year of study,
  • evaluation of Ph. D. study and Masaryk University as whole.


In spring 2014, Masaryk University participated in the nationwide DOCTORAL STUDENTS 2014 Survey.

The Strategy Office, i.e. the primary coordinator of the MEYS-implemented survey, was also involved in the preparation of the questionnaire (providing incentives and designing modifications) and tasked with addressing MU doctoral students while ensuring the anonymity of all respondents.

The questionnaire covered the following thematic areas:

  • student services and facilities,
  • supervisor,
  • financial situation,
  • studies and motivation,
  • graduation circumstances and conditions,
  • study obligations,
  • research and creative activity,
  • educational and other activity at university,
  • plans for after completion of studies
  • contact questions (standard duration of studies, gender, age, etc.).

Doctoral Students at MU

In the autumn 2008 semester Masaryk University implemented a survey of the opinions, attitudes and expectations of current doctoral students, i.e. students who constitute the core of Masaryk University's future scientific potential.

The Doctoral Students at MU – Motivation, Study Evaluation, Activities survey was designed to examine the following key areas:

  • motivation of doctoral students,
  • range of activities performed and cooperation with supervisors,
  • course and evaluation of studies,
  • student involvement in department operation and scientific activity,
  • mobility opportunities,
  • additional topics.