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Applicants for Study and Secondary School Students

MU Applicants

Masaryk University conducts its own survey among applicants for study who submit their application to Bachelor's or long-cycle Master's degree programme. Analysis of the answers brings valuable findings concerning the admission procedure, image of MU and strengths and weaknesses of MU compared to other universities in Czech Republic.

Information for the survey participants regarding data processing is available HERE.

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Image of MU through Czech and Slovak secondary school students' view

Aim of the realized survey Image of Masaryk University through Czech and Slovak secondary school students' view was to map which criteria do the current secondary school students in third or fourth year who consider university studies apply to choose the university and how do they rate Masaryk University.

Results of the survey help to define current position of Masaryk University among the other universities in eyes of potential applicants for study.

Universum Talent Research

Masaryk university took part in the fourth year of Universum Talent Research survey. In Czech Republic the survey took place from November 2016 till March 2017 and more than 14 000 university students were involved (globally over 1,4 million of respondents). The survey shows summary results about Generation Y but also describes trends among students of particular fields and young generation's opinions on career and their educational facility.


The survey MATURANT 2016 conducted by LMC Ltd. was focused on secondary school graduates and which way they choose a university and a field of study as well as which sources of information they use during this process and also their overall lifestyle (such as use of mass media, leisure time activities, life values etc.).


NMS Market Research agency looked at lives of Czech millennials (15–35 years old people). Survey results portray young generation's thinking, communication, life values and preferences so that marketing tools aimed at the generation can be created.