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Student surveys have a well-established and long-standing tradition at Masaryk University. They constitute an indispensable source of feedback for university and faculty management.

The longest-running surveys, i.e. graduate surveys first implemented nearly twenty years ago, have been supplemented with additional surveys in order to form a comprehensive system of institutional student-oriented research: from applicant to graduatediagram:


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Results of the surveys (only in Czech) are available on Czech version pages of particular surveys.

The student survey contact persons are Mgr. Ondřej Hofírek and Mgr. Mikuláš Múdry.

In addition to university-wide student surveys, the Strategy Office also participates in a number of national surveys implemented by MEYS, e.g. Eurostudent VI (2016) and Doctoral Students (2014), as well as questionnaire surveys required by international ranking schemes, e.g. Universum Talent Research (2017) and U-Multirank (2018).