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U-Multirank is an international comparative university ranking scheme developed under the auspices of the European Union.

The multidimensional U-Multirank system provides users with the opportunity to compare and assess universities according to user-selected indicators; it is not intended to return a specific university rank, but instead provides a result on a scale of very good – good – average – below average – weak.

As U-Multirank does not create a fixed hierarchy of universities, it is impossible to ascribe a specific rank to Masaryk University without comparing it directly with other institutions.

Individual indicators emphasize e.g. the importance of internationalization, regional cooperation, contact with employers and transfer of research results. Selected indicators also take into account aspects of student assessment of teaching quality.

U-Multirank offers two basic comparative modules:

  • The first is designed specifically for students, who use it to select a suitable university according to specific parameters.
  • The second constitutes a tool for comparing multiple universities according to selected indicators.

MU 2018 results