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The course opinion poll is a key tool for student assessment of teaching on a university-wide level. The opinion poll provides each student with the opportunity to provide feedback to all teachers and evaluate every course enrolled in every semester

The course opinion poll consists of 6 questions.

The first two questions focus on a given course and only one answer is thus required, regardless of how many teachers are actually associated with such a course.

Four further questions then focus on a particular course teacher or seminar tutor. These questions are displayed individually for each teacher.

The poll focuses on the following areas:

  1. Course benefits
  2. Study load
  3. Teaching capabilities
  4. Teacher preparedness
  5. Knowledge of evaluation criteria
  6. Overall feedback


The course opinion poll results are subsequently made available within the authenticated part of the MU Information System.

For more information about course opinion poll see MU Information System Help for students or for teachers.