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 1.    Results utilization

Poll results are used by senior employees as an important employee assessment criterion. In addition, course opinion poll results may also influence the Rector's Awards for Outstanding Teachers.

 2.    Teacher feedback

Feedback obtained from students constitutes an invaluable resource for the ongoing development of pedagogical skills. Although it may not seem so at all times, all teachers are interested in their students' opinions.

 3.    Access to results

Students who have sufficiently filled out the course opinion poll will be subsequently provided with full access to poll results.

 4.    Teacher comments

The new form of the poll allows teachers to react to written comments.

Such comments will be made available – along with the full results – only to students who sufficiently fill out their opinion poll as whole.

 5.    Anonymous answers

The identity of respondents (name, personal identification number, etc.) is not disclosed to anyone at any time.