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The course opinion poll is open to all students with active studies; a student may complete a poll for each of his/her active studies. A student who has interrupted or completed his/her studies and who is not participating in any course in a given semester is not allowed to participate in the poll.

List of courses not included in the course opinion poll.

The poll may be accessed using the following path:

Personal Administration → Student → End of Term ... Course Opinion Polls

Even though the poll is filled out within the authenticated part of the MU Information System, all answers are anonymized. The respondent's identity, i.e. his/her name, personal identification number or other personal information, is not disclosed to anyone at any time.

A student who fails to provide any answers and who has been enrolled in a degree programme for more than one semester will not be granted access to course opinion poll outcomes, i.e. he/she will not be able to access individual course results. 

A student enrolled in his/her studies for a period shorter than one semester may access existing poll statistics without limitations.

In order to sufficiently fill out the course opinion poll (i.e. in order to view the results later on), you must complete at least half of your courses or at least ten courses enrolled in the current period/semester. 

In order for a course to be considered complete, you must answer all of the required questions for at least one course–teacher or seminar–instructor combination.

Required questions include the questions answered on a rating scale. The final open-ended question, designed to gather comprehensive feedback on individual teachers, as well as the question about the study load are optional.

The results of the university-wide course opinion poll are announced after the poll closes and once the collected data are automatically processed. Opinion poll closes at end of examination period of given term.

Results are available to all teachers as well as to their superiors by default; students may access results only in case they sufficiently filled out their polls.